Simply Building Trust

How are you going to acquire enough trust in an online pawn shop to put your valuable item into a Fedex package and entrust it to us?

The same way you check out any other business before you trust them enough to do business with them!

We specialize in servicing the short term cash needs of small business and entrepreneurs so we understand how businesses operate.  We have developed a "Due Diligence" checklist to help you build the confidence in Pawntique and our online pawn shop so you can be comfortable moving forward with us.

What do you know about Pawntique?

Talk to some people who have done business with us.

  • Call or email us
    us requesting references.
  • Request contact information for our professional advisors (attorneys, CPA, banker).
  • Contact information for people who have done business with us.

What are people saying about us?

Insurance / bonding:

  • Certificates are available to customers, click here to request this info.

Legal due diligence with local authorities:

  • We are licensed pawnbrokers by the City of Portsmouth, NH.  
  • Click here to request a view of our pawn license.

We are real people who answer our own phones. 

Call me, Don Battis anytime at 1-855-777-6687 or you can contact me on Skype (don.battis).

I would be glad to take your call.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet you in person as well.  Feel free to call and arrange a face to face meeting so we may discuss how our online pawn shop may help your short term cash needs.