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We specialize in buying diamonds and fine jewelry.

Researching diamond buyers in your area is a necessary first step that will make all the difference to ensure the outcome of the transaction is seamless. Knowing you have found a trustworthy buyer will keep you at ease and allow you to be confident throughout the process. Pawntique Diamond Exchange has a reputation for being professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and compassionate.

By using Pawntique Diamond Exchange as your diamond buyer, you will be guided through every step of the way and all your questions about selling your diamonds will be answered immediately.

We provide private consultation, by appointment only, to all of our clients. We feel that by taking the time to sit down with each client takes the stress and anxiety out of selling precious diamonds and jewelry. When it comes to selling any valuable, you want to do your research on the potential companies buying your valuables.

In this market, diamond and gold buyers are becoming ever more popular, therefore it is best to research for the most reputable companies available. Making sure the diamond buyer is professional and reliable will ultimately lead to a smooth transaction and satisfactory results. 

Sell your Diamond Rings, Jewelry and More!

Diamonds may be forever, but the memories associated with a bad luck stone don’t have to be. If you are looking to sell your diamond after an ended relationship, an inheritance, or simply because it is out of style and no longer worn, we can help. Pawntique Diamond Exchange gives you closure on the past and the financial resources for the future by transforming your old diamond into cash.

We offer private and confidential client meetings by appointment only. Our diamond buying process is simple and clear, which allows our clients to experience a smooth transaction. After our personal, one on one, meeting you wont be left wondering how we came up with the diamond value because all questions and concerns are addressed immediately. 

How Much Is My Diamond Worth?

    • Shape
    • Carat Weight
    • Cut and Proportion
    • Color and Clarity
    • Market Value
    • Marketability

Our process is explained thoroughly to all of our clients and once an offer to buy their diamond or jewelry is made, the client has the right to accept or refuse the offer. In no way do we pressure or obligate our clients to accept our offer. They are not required to sell at the time of their appointment and are given the ultimate choice to take as much time as they need to make a decision. We understand the emotional component involved with selling diamonds and estate jewelry, and want to ensure our clients are fully ready to sell their valuables.

Pawntique Diamond Exchange is a Jewelry Buying company. We Buy Jewelry from private sellers, and are also Diamond Buyers, specializing in Diamond AppraisalsBuying Luxury Watches and Buying Fine Jewelry.