Messaging Referral Program

The key points to emphasize are as follows:

When individuals or businesses need to raise cash, if they own valuable assets they have the option to sell the item outright or if it is something they would prefer NOT to sell, they can get a pawn loan instead.  

  • Pawn loans can usually be arranged within 24 hours. 

  • There are no credit checks or employment verifications. 

  • The loan does not get reported to the credit reporting agencies and if the borrower is unable to repay it on time or decides he doesn’t want the item back, it has no impact on the borrower’s credit rating.

  • Funds are sent by check or wire transfer.

First Step

Go to our website and send us a brief description of your item against which you want to receive a loan. Following your inquiry we make an you a preliminary offer.

Second Step

We’ll send you a pack which contains a prepaid courier parcel. Put your items of value in the pack and send it back to us. We’ll receive it the following day and it’s insured for up to $50,000.

Third Step

We’ll have our experts do a final valuation

Loans are typically 3 months in duration. The fee includes all elements of the cost including transportation, insurance, storage, and valuation. There is no early payoff charge; you merely pay for the time the loan is outstanding. At the end of the loan, it can be renewed for a similar period by paying off the outstanding fees and signing an extension. Some clients decide not to payoff the loan when it becomes due and have us sell the item for the best possible price. We payoff the loan and return any excess to the client.