Become An Online Pawn Shop Partner

When you sell the Pawntique online pawn shop services to your clients who have short-term cash needs, you earn $50 cash payment for each new Pawntique customer plus you earn a 30% commission on all fees for the life of the account.  Best of all, you remain the trusted advisor to your clients.  

Truth is, with the convenience of our online appraisal and loan processing system, Pawntique is anything but a tough sell.  In fact, many partners tell us it virtually sells itself.  

Bottom line:  Selling Pawntique online pawn shop services is a win-win-win for you, Pawntique, and of course your clients, always the most important part of the picture.

Who’s Best Suited to Partner With Pawntique? 

  • Retail distributors of valuable items such as jewelry, watches, fine art, classic cars, etc.

  • Brick and mortar pawn shops with occasional client demand for unusually large pawn loans.

  • Individual Pawntique Referrers with proven record of new Pawntique clients. 

As Professionals & Representatives of Pawntique, Partners are expected to:

Find and sell to customers:  Pawntique will provide sales and training materials to help you prospect and sell Pawntique to your customers.

Provide first-level support: Partners are required to have a strong understanding of Pawntique and be able to communicate how the pawn process works for the benefit of their customers.

Pawntique’s Responsibilities: What To Expect from Us?

Sales and Marketing tools:  Pawntique will provide overviews, case studies, ebooks, and other marketing collateral to help you.

Training Materials: Pawntique will give you access to tutorial videos and other training resources to deepen your understanding of our online pawnshop services.

Robust Partner Portal:  The Partner Portal will be your hub for registering leads and accessing the partner support materials.

Sales Support:  When you come across large and complex deals, Pawntique will provide you with direct sales support.

Client Relationship Management: We will manage all communication once you have introduced them to us.  We will manage and pay for the logistics of receiving assets and shipping them back to clients.