Pawntique Referral & Partner Program

Pawntique, the boutique online pawn shop, is expanding the distribution of its short term borrowing program for consumers and small businesses.  As excited as we are about our online pawn shop service, we can’t be successful alone.  We believe that our future depends on creating a community of customers and partners who share our passion for solving short term cash problems and building long term financial stability.  That’s why we’re very happy to announce a comprehensive program for Referrers and Partners who can help make our service available to customers everywhere.

Why Work With Pawntique?

Our two new programs are the Referrer Program; for individuals who want to share the benefits of our online pawn shop service with their friends and relatives, and the Partner Program for businesses that want to provide additional services to their clients.

Here is a quick rundown of what Pawntique Referrers and Partners will gain by working with us:

  • Referrers receive a cash payment of $50 for each new client that becomes a Pawntique customer.

  • Partners receive a cash payment of $50 for each new client plus a recurring commission on each transaction their clients conduct with Pawntique.

  • A Partner toolkit which includes training materials and marketing support.

  • A Partner Portal to register leads and access training and marketing materials.

We’re launching with several strong Referrers and Partners already in tow.  If you’re interested in getting on board, too, be sure to check out our partner’s page.  

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