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How Much Can I Borrow?

You can borrow as little as $500 from Pawntique.

It’s difficult to say how much you can get without more information or actually seeing your valuable items. However, rest assured we will get you the most that we possibly can. 

Thankfully, our appraisal staff provides you the fairest value for your item using real-time pricing data. 

If you want to have a good laugh sometime, call your local pawn shop and ask them, “How much can I get for my gold ring?” The answers can be a “riot”! One pawn shop told a customer, “Hold it up to the phone- so I can see it better!”  Another said, “About a hundred bucks less than you need!”  Most won’t say anything. They want you to come to their store.

The best answer is the one we give above. That is, “It’s difficult to say…however rest assured we will give you the most that we possible can.”

We promise to do our best to determine the current market value of your item.

That is, what could this item bring in the proper marketplace if it had to be liquidated promptly? We have access to certified appraisers with first hand experience in many different marketplaces. We also subscribe to several “trade only” industry internet services such as Polygon and WatchCSA that maintain international databases of current market prices of jewelry, gems, and luxury watches.

We make our money by “selling” you money.  We want to loan you as much as we reasonably can. As a general rule, our minimum pawn amount is $500 although we make exceptions for regular customers. We have no maximum loan amount established.  We have the financial resources to make large loans. In fact, we have a Pawntique Partner Program where we use our financial resources to assist other pawn shops and jewelry stores to offer pawn services to their customers. Several of our clients have pawn loans over $25,000. They are all small business owners who have pawned valuable personal items for cash to invest in their companies.