Back in the day...

Harold Battis, grew up in a family of ten kids in East Boston.

When he was a teenager, he met people from all over the City of Boston when he hung around and often slept (more comfy than at home with 9 siblings) at the fire house where his father was Chief.  As a young man, Harold learned the jewelry trade as a designer and salesman for Weiler & Sons Co.  He sold jewelry to the contacts he'd made all around Greater Boston throughout his childhood.  He expanded his client base by developing his own style of social networking.  Harold joined many masonic lodges and became a hardworking and well respected participant of many local religious groups. 

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Although Harold had a strong entrepreneurial drive, he had an unfortunate sense of timing.  In March of 1928, he quit his steady job and launched his own retail jewelry business from a tiny office in The Jewelers Building in Boston.  He was barely settled before the stock market crashed and the great depression arrived.  With a wife and two young boys to support, Harold survived the difficult economy by discreetly helping wealthy families around New England convert jewelry and antiques into cash through short term collateral loans.  He found success by creating a private marketplace for trading jewelry and other valuable assets. 

Throughout the Great Depression, our predecesor used his networking skills to loan money to those who needed it, and borrowed from those who had something to spare.  The fellow Masons and church members he befriended years prior became his best customers.

Today our family is restoring Harold's private marketplace using the technology and networking resources available in 2011. an online pawn shop, resurrects Harold’s trading business, helping clients through short term cash crunches. You will be able to use your unneeded hard assets to solve your short term financial needs with a secure loan. 

Once Pawntique is established as the premier short term collateral loan provider that we envision it becoming, we then plan to offer a truely private marketplace where we discretely connect buyers and sellers of luxury goods.  We are excited to show you these plans as they emerge.