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6 Unique Ways To Identify Real Rolex Watches


If you have ever gone out and tried to purchase Rolex watches, then you probably have come into contact with several imitations.

Rolex Watches and other expensive watches are a target for copiers and people trying to pass them off as genuine. Pawn shops have had to learn how to tell if it is real or fake by studying the real thing. There are several ways to identify a real Rolex watch vs. a fake Rolex watch. Rolex Watches

Look at the Price

Real Rolex watches are an expensive investment. To buy a Rolex watch you can expect to pay literally thousands of dollars. Should you run across a luxury watch being sold for a few hundred dollars it most likely is a fake. If you are in the market for a Rolex watch, be sure to buy it from a dealer that sells the real thing. Unfortunately there are many who sell Rolex online that have discounted the price to lure buyers into buying a fake.

Check the Merchandise

To find a real Rolex it pays to know what to look for. 

  • Look for a hologram sticker on the back of the watch. A fake Rolex may have the sticker, but it will not be a hologram.
  • The weight of the watch is a dead giveaway. Rolex watches weigh more than a fake.
  • A real Rolex makes no sound minus the Quartz edition, which does make a ticking sound.
  • Look at the numbers and notice the clear Rolex crown near the number six. If the crown is missing, then it is not real.
  • Real Rolex watches will be engraved with clear, precise lines where fakes will have a stamp on the back or the engraving will be sloppy.
  • The real thing will have a cover made of crystal and the water test will show beaded water on the cover.

If you are looking to sell or pawn your Rolex online, be sure to list the watch for what it really is. Be sure to describe and take pictures for people to see it online. Anyone who is serious about buying a real Rolex will want to see that the watch is 100% real and authentic.



Post by Don Battis

Don Battis is the CEO of Pawntique.


great plan to use personal assets to support my business
Posted @ Friday, June 15, 2012 12:14 PM by stan nowakowski
Its looking nice.
Posted @ Monday, October 28, 2013 6:03 AM by babuyusuf91
Thanks for describing in brief how to identify Real Rolex Watches,You can determine by few things Real Rolex Watches - 
On the back, look where the watch was made. Rolex watches are manufactured in Switzerland. If it says another country, the watch is fake. THIS is not a good way, unless of course is says Shnitzerland. 
Take it to a Rolex watchmaker let him open and tell you. 
If the watch has a box check the boxes for fakes usually the wood is like a chipboard and the cushion is like a poor quality suede material. 
You can also check the printing on the dial under magnification, a genuine item will be neatly and crisply printed, a counterfeit will sometimes have skew lettering, poorly painted. A lot of counterfeits will also have dust, hair, etc. under the glass on the dial. This should alert you immediately as Swiss products cost 20 times more for a reason! 
Another thing to watch for is the person trying to sell you the watch. Be wary if they told you they bought it overseas or got it as a gift, as these can be signs that it's a fake. 
Take of the bracelet or strap with a small paper clip. Then have a look between the lugs, the area now exposed by you removing the strap/bracelet. There are 2 sets of numbers, a serial number at 6 and a model number at 12 
Google the model and serial numbers and compare the watch characteristics with your watch characteristics. 
Posted @ Saturday, November 02, 2013 4:24 AM by kingwatchbuyers
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