I know how it feels to be in your shoes.

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How do you think I got this grey hair? 

I owned a small business and lived with the anxiety of making a weekly payroll.  I remember the stress of worrying about my employees’ families who were depending on me to make the right decisions.  And I remember my inner “entrepreneurial terror” of the possibility of failure.

I know what it feels like to have personal financial plan get tilted upside down when a commission check doesn’t get received on time; or both cars breakdown the same week. Sometimes you just need to tap the “piggy bank” and it sucks when it’s empty.


Like you’re struggling to do, I was determined to get the cash someplace.  I “robbed Peter to pay Paul”; borrowed from friends (and the occasional relative); and made “ends meet”.  But I can honestly tell you; the financial success that my small business finally brought was worth all the sleepless nights and missed dinners. 

I started Pawntique, an online pawn shop, to help responsible, determined people like you, solve your short term cash problems.  We let you tap the equity in valuable assets you own to get the cash you need.  

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